Mastering the Marketplace: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling on Cryptohopper


Cryptohopper is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that offers automated trading solutions for beginners and experts alike. One of its standout features is the Cryptohopper Marketplace – an online marketplace where users can buy and sell trading strategies, templates, signals and more. As a seller on the Cryptohopper Marketplace, you have the opportunity to profit from your expertise while helping other traders succeed. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to master the Cryptohopper Marketplace as a seller.

A. Introduction to Cryptohopper

Effective backtesting analysis for trading strategies
Effective backtesting analysis for trading strategies

Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, Cryptohopper aims to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to all. The platform combines automated trading with social trading features, allowing users to connect and learn from each other. Traders can make use of the platform’s trading bots to execute automated trades 24/7. Additionally, the Marketplace provides them access to proven, human-crafted trading strategies and solutions.

B. Benefits of the Cryptohopper Marketplace

As a seller, the Cryptohopper Marketplace presents multiple advantages:

  • Monetize your trading knowledge by selling strategies, templates, signals and more.
  • Access a large audience of over 150,000 active Cryptohopper users.
  • Get detailed insights into your products’ performance with in-depth analytics.
  • Learn from and collaborate with other top sellers in the marketplace community.
  • Receive payouts securely and easily via payment partners.

C. Purpose of the Guide

This guide aims to help you successfully set up shop and thrive as a seller on the Cryptohopper Marketplace. It covers all key aspects – from crafting profitable trading strategies to optimizing your marketplace listings for maximum visibility and sales. Whether you are just getting started or looking to grow your existing marketplace presence, this comprehensive manual will equip you with the tips and best practices adopted by the platform’s top sellers.

Getting Started on Cryptohopper Marketplace

To begin selling your products on Cryptohopper Marketplace, you first need to set up your seller account and get familiar with the platform’s guidelines. Here’s what you need to know:

A. Setting Up Your Seller Account

  • Head to the Marketplace section of Cryptohopper and click “Become a seller”.
  • Select between three account types – Individual, Company or Fund.
  • Fill in your account details including payment information.
  • Accept the New Seller Agreement and Marketplace Terms of Service.

Once approved, you can access your Seller Dashboard to manage products, view analytics and process payouts.

B. Understanding the Marketplace Guidelines

As a marketplace seller, you agree to abide by certain guidelines like:

  • Submitting only original, high-quality products that provide value.
  • Ensuring transparency by accurately representing your offerings.
  • Providing good customer service and prompt support.
  • Avoiding making unverified claims about profitability.

Review the Seller Policy in detail before listing products.

C. Familiarizing with the Cryptohopper Community

Engage on the Cryptohopper social channels like Discord, Telegram and Reddit to connect with traders, influencers and fellow sellers. This allows you to better understand customer needs and promote your products.

Crafting Winning Strategies

The key to marketplace success lies in offering proven, results-driven trading strategies. Here are some tips for developing winning automated trading solutions:

A. Analyzing Successful Strategies on the Marketplace

Study top-rated strategies created by established sellers to identify common winning features like:

  • Clearly defined trade entry/exit logic using technical indicators and rules.
  • Effective risk management through stop losses and profit targets.
  • Optimized settings for exchanges, timeframes, order types etc.
  • Backtesting with sizable historical samples to establish viability.

B. Key Components of a Profitable Trading Strategy

Ensure your custom strategies incorporate elements like:

  • Identifying high probability setups using chart patterns, indicators, trends etc.
  • Executing disciplined entries and exits based on your defined conditions.
  • Managing position sizing, risk-reward ratios etc.
  • Flexibility to perform across market conditions.

C. Real Examples of Successful Strategies

To illustrate, a mean reversion strategy buys dips and sells rallies, profiting from price returning to the mean. A scalping strategy seeks to profit from small price movements using tight stops and high volume. A breakout strategy attempts to ride major trends and capitalize on powerful upside/downside moves.

D. Tools and Resources for Strategy Development

Make use of Cryptohopper’s integrated technical indicators, Paper Trading simulator, backtesting features and strategy designer to build and validate your solutions. You can also use external charting platforms and programming languages like Python for enhanced technical analysis and strategy automation.

Designing Effective Templates

Along with trading strategies, templates are top selling products on the Cryptohopper Marketplace. Here’s how you can craft stellar templates that convert:

A. What Makes a Good Template?

Winning templates are:

  • Readable: Well-structured with clear buy/sell signals and logic flow.
  • Reliable: Backtested for accuracy across different assets and timeframes.
  • Adjustable: Customizable settings and variables to fit individual trading styles.
  • Detailed: Comprehensive documentation and usage instructions.

B. Integrating Your Strategies into Templates

You can incorporate your high-performing trading strategies into templates, adding adjustable parameters so users can customize backtesting and live trading.

C. Real Examples of High-performing Templates

A breakout template may feature adjustable stop loss, take profit and trailing stop levels. A mean reversion template may include custom period settings for its indicators. Offer sufficient flexibility without compromising your template’s core logic.

D. Tips for Enhancing Template User-Experience

  • Use clear metadata like name, description and image.
  • Provide relevant tags depicting markets, indicators etc.
  • Include backtest results and performance metrics.
  • Add ample comments in the template’s code to guide users.
  • Offer responsive user support.

Listing Your Products on the Marketplace

To display your products to buyers, you need to create effective marketplace listings:

A. Pricing Your Strategies and Templates

When pricing your solutions:

  • Evaluate the effort invested in designing, testing and optimizing them.
  • Analyze competitor pricing for similar offerings.
  • Start lower initially to attract buyers and reviews.
  • Offer bundle deals or subscriptions at discounted rates.

B. Creating Engaging Listings

Your product listings are sales pages – the text, images, videos and overall presentation should make buyers want to purchase them.

1. Writing Compelling Descriptions

  • Highlight the product benefits, use cases and USPs clearly.
  • Use formatting like bullets, subheads, italics etc. to improve readability.
  • Include backtest performance results to showcase profitability.
  • Add graphics and screenshots to explain usage and settings visually.

2. Utilizing Captivating Images and Videos

  • Showcase your product in action through high-quality images, GIFs or videos.
  • Avoid stock photos – use original visuals for better engagement.
  • Depict backtesting results, live trades, charts and dashboard views.

C. Utilizing Keywords for Better Search Visibility

Include relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and tags so buyers can easily find your products through marketplace search and categories.

Marketing Your Marketplace Products

Gaining initial traction and sales as a new seller can be challenging. Use these tactics to effectively market your marketplace offerings:

A. Building a Following Within the Cryptohopper Community

Become an active member answering queries, providing tips and engaging with users on Discord, Telegram, Reddit and Cryptohopper Forum. Position yourself as an expert.

B. Utilizing Social Media and Cryptocurrency Forums

Promote your products across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook groups and crypto trading communities on Reddit, Steemit, Medium and Quora.

C. Collaborating with Other Sellers and Influencers

Partner with top sellers and influencers in the space to cross-promote your offerings or create joint products/bundles.

D. Collecting and Showcasing Customer Reviews

Encourage satisfied buyers to leave reviews on your listings and testimonials on your seller profile. Feature them prominently in product descriptions.

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Listings

Continuously track and refine your marketplace listings to maximize conversions and sales.

A. Analyzing Marketplace Analytics

Leverage data within your Seller Dashboard like views, clicks, conversions, revenues etc. to identify well-performing listings and potential areas for improvement.

B. Gathering Customer Feedback

Proactively collect feedback through buyer conversations and product reviews. Use feedback to address issues, add features, improve usability etc.

C. Updating Your Strategies and Templates Based on Performance and Feedback

Regularly enhance your offerings by incorporating the latest market trends and buyer requests. Notify existing buyers of updates.

D. A/B Testing Your Listing Elements

Try variations in titles, descriptions, pricing, visuals etc. to determine what works best. The marketplace analytics will reveal the highest converting combinations.


Selling successfully on the Cryptohopper Marketplace takes the right strategies, execution and commitment. By following the best practices outlined in this guide, you can establish yourself as a sought-after seller. Here are some key tips to recap:

A. Recap of Key Points

  • Craft reliably profitable trading strategies backed by research and backtesting.
  • Create adjustable, well-documented templates for usability.
  • Optimize listings for discoverability using great content and SEO.
  • Promote intelligently and build community connections.
  • Continuously monitor and refine listings based on hard data.

B. Encouragement to Engage in the Marketplace

The Cryptohopper Marketplace provides the perfect ecosystem to monetize your expertise in trading. It rewards creators who deliver genuine value to the community. By helping traders succeed, you also accelerate your own progress as a seller.

C. Final Tips for Success

Persist through initial challenges, be proactive with customers, and keep innovating. Learn from top performers, stick to marketplace policies, and your efforts will be rewarded. The strategies for thriving as a seller outlined here will help you build a sustainable marketplace business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I sell on Cryptohopper Marketplace?

You can sell trading strategies, templates, technical indicators, signals, bots, educational materials, preset configurations, and other trading solutions.

  1. Do I need a coding background to create strategies or templates on Cryptohopper?

No coding knowledge is required as the Cryptohopper strategy designer uses a visual drag-and-drop interface. However, basic programming can help enhance automation and functionality.

  1. How much does it cost to list my products on the Marketplace?

Listing on the Marketplace is free. Cryptohopper charges a 15% commission on your earnings.

  1. When do I get paid for my marketplace sales?

Payouts are processed on the 1st and 16th of every month for the previous period’s sales.

  1. Can I promote my Cryptohopper products outside the Marketplace?

Yes, you can market your marketplace products on external websites, forums, and social media. However, purchases must be completed on the Cryptohopper platform.

  1. Is there a review and approval process for new products?

Yes, all new listings go through a standard review process for quality before being published.

  1. Can I get feedback from buyers for improving my existing products?

Cryptohopper allows buyers to post reviews and rate products. You can also directly interact with your customers on Discord and Telegram to collect feedback.

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