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Cryptohopper online is a leading community portal for crypto traders looking to maximize their profits through algorithmic trading bots. Here we discuss cryptohopper set-ups, trading strategies and trading bot updates.

Cryptohopper Online Community Portal

Cryptohopper online brings together a community of crypto trading enthusiasts from beginners just starting out to advanced quant traders. We provide the resources, tools, and knowledge base to help each other succeed. Members can discuss strategy, analyze data, get help configuring their bots, and ultimately share knowledge to elevate the entire community. Our forums create a collaborative environment for traders to learn from each other. From discussing indicators or economic factors driving the markets to configuring a Hopper and analyzing backtest results, our community works together to uncover what is driving crypto market movements.

What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is an innovative algorithmic trading platform that utilizes AI and machine learning to execute automated crypto trades 24/7. The trading bots run in the cloud, analyzing market data and identifying trading opportunities across exchanges and coins. Cryptohopper enables traders to automate their trading strategy without needing to have extensive technical skills. The platform handles the complexities of trading so users can focus on fundamentals like setting a strategy, managing risk, and optimizing performance. Key features include:

  • Cloud-based bots running 24/7
  • Automated technical analysis
  • Backtesting tool to hone strategies
  • Configurable risk mitigation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Track record of proven results

Who are our authors?

Our portal features articles from expert crypto traders who have been using algorithmic bots for years.

Michael S. (Webmaster)

Michael is a long-time crypto investor who stumbled upon algorithmic trading in 2017. He has in-depth knowledge of utilizing quantitative indicators, economic factors, and global events to predict price movements. His Hoppers specialize in bitcoin arbitrage across exchanges.

Soraya Marlar. (Content Manager)

Sarah is an algorithmic trading specialist who worked for hedge funds before getting into crypto. She has extensive experience building quantitative models and evaluating data statistically to find inefficiencies. Sarah shares techniques for backtesting strategies.

Nick Astry. (Content Manager)

Nick trades full-time from Thailand using his customized Hoppers. He focuses extensively on risk management given the volatility of crypto. Nick helps community members configure their Hoppers to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

What is our mission?

We aim to make algorithmic crypto trading accessible, approachable, and profitable for anyone interested in investing in digital assets. By bringing together traders of all skill levels, we accelerate the learning curve and discoveries that translate to real world returns. Our broader vision is to build an inclusive community focused on education, openness, and a shared passion for leveraging technology to achieve financial freedom.

Our Best Guides on Crypto Trading

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